Monroe Family Organics

Monroe Family Organics is located in Alma, MI where we grow some of the highest quality certified organic vegetables in Michigan. We provide our produce to members of our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, as well as to several local restaurants, stores, and co-ops throughout mid-Michigan.

We believe the best food is that which is fresh, free of synthetic chemicals, and grown in a way that is sustainable for the environment and the surrounding community. That is why we are certified organic and harvest most of our produce the same day it is received.

We also focus on quality in the way we grow, harvest, and handle our veggies. We strive to provide our local mid-Michigan CSA members and customers with the highest quality produce available, because we believe that eating healthily should be delicious. With most produce available in supermarkets being shipped across the country or even farther, we are a great alternative to the often tired looking produce at the supermarket.

We also believe in a diverse farm system, which means rotating a wide range of crops in our fields. Our markets are also diverse, as we seek to meet the needs of those who want high-quality local organic produce. These include families, privately owned restaurants, small grocery stores, and multi-farm CSAs. This diversity of markets and crops helps keep our farm more financially stable, as well as promoting a healthier farm system for the soil, crops, animals, customers, and surrounding environment.