About Us

 Monroe Family Organics is very much the fruition of a dream set in motion 20 years ago, and finally realized in 2011.  As a teenager, Fred Monroe became interested in growing vegetables and started a market garden the summer he was 16.  After having a stall at the local Alma Farmers Market, he was hooked on organic vegetable production.  So off he went to Michigan State to earn his bachelor's degree in horticulture and agribusiness, during which time he worked at MSU's student organic farm and interned at Angelic Organics, a very large CSA farm south of Chicago.  While he was there, he also met and married Michele (That's me... hi there!), and we moved to northern Ohio right after graduation.  For six farm seasons, he worked as a grower at The Chef's Garden, a large farm that grows vegetables primarily for high-end restaurants, and I taught French at the local high school.  Fred gained a lot of knowledge and experience in Ohio, but we always knew that the goal was to eventually move back to mid-Michigan and start our own CSA farm.  In 2010, we discovered we were expecting Jane, our first child, and we knew that the time was now.  So we set to work acquiring land, buying a house, and rounding up equipment for our first farm season.

Over the next few years, both the farm and our family continued to grow.  We had our second daughter Jessamine in June of 2012, and our little boy Timothy in November of 2015.  We also continued to add more crops, more CSA drop-offs, more delivery options, and more local mid-Michigan store and restaurant partners to what we do at the farm.  And now we are entering our 14th season in 2024!  We appreciate the enthusiasm and support that we've gotten from the local community, and we are honored to have the opportunity to provide high quality produce throughout our local area!