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Join our CSA for the 2022 growing season!

CSA Share Sizes:

  • Full Share ($610): You'll get 14 fruits, veggies, and herbs per week, and it fills up about two plastic grocery bags weekly. Runs for 19 weeks from mid-June to the end of October.

  • Half share ($330): You'll get 7 fruits, veggies, and herbs per week, and if fills up about one plastic grocery bag weekly. Runs for 19 weeks from mid-June to the end of October.

Drop-off Locations:

  • Alma: Mondays from 5-6 PM at His Place on Superior St.

  • Mt. Pleasant: Tuesdays from 5-6 PM at Herbs, Etc. on Broadway.

  • Midland: 5-6 PM at the Eagle Ridge Church of God on Waldo.

  • Midland Hospital: For hospital employees only. We drop off prepacked shares behind the Center for Women's Health, and you can pick them up anytime after 3 PM on Thursdays.

  • St. Johns: At the home of a CSA member who lives right around the corner from the hospital. We drop off prepacked shares on their front porch, and you can pick them up anytime after 3 PM on Wednesdays.

  • Lansing: 4:30-9:00 PM at the Soup Spoon Café on Michigan Ave.

  • Okemos: 4:30-7 PM at Mert's Specialty Meats on Grand River.

  • Home/Workplace Delivery: If you live or work within four miles of where we're already driving, we can drop your share off to you! Just email Michele at with your delivery address, and I'll send you a quote!

Our CSA drop-offs in Alma, Mt. Pleasant, and Midland are "market style" drop-offs, where we lay all of the produce out on long tables, and CSA members get to choose their veggies from seven different stations. At each station, you get to choose one item if you have a half share and two items if you have a full share.

For our drop-offs in St. Johns, Lansing, Okemos, at the Midland hospital, and home/workplace deliveries, we pack up the shares beforehand at the farm. Each weekend during the CSA season, we send out our CSA Newsletter blog, which will list what the options are for the upcoming week. There are three prepacked share options, Share A, Share B, and Share C, which each include seven items. If you have a half share you'll choose one bag each week, and if you have a full share, you'll choose two bags each week.

To sign up, just fill out this 2022 CSA sign-up form! Or if you have any questions, you can email Michele at

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the due date for payment on my membership, and what are the payment options?

Once you sign up for the CSA, we'll email you an invoice. At that point, you can either pay the whole cost of your share, or you can put down a payment to reserve your spot in the CSA, and make payments on whatever schedule works best for you until you're paid in full. The due date for the final payment is July 1. It is better for the farm to have the whole share price earlier in the season when most of our expenses are incurred, but if it works better for you to split your payment into parts, that is absolutely fine. You can either send us a check in the mail at 8911 Ferris Rd, Elwell MI 48832, or when we email you your invoice, you can pay through a free electronic bank transfer.

What if I am on vacation or cannot come for some reason to the pick-up?

You can either find someone to pick up their share for you, or you can let us know at least one day in advance of your missed pickup so that we can make alternate arrangements for your share. Some options are to postpone your share for that week and get a double share when you get back, or to pick up that week at one of our other drop-off locations.

What if my drop-off falls on a banking holiday?

If your drop-off coincides with Independence Day, Labor Day, or any other holiday when businesses are generally closed, the drop-off will still be occurring as normal! However, we totally understand if you have plans and can't make it. Just let us know by the day before the drop-off you'll miss, and we can make alternate arrangements to get you your share.

How does the home delivery option work?

Home or workplace delivery will be available for those who live or work near our regular routes, so if you live near Alma, Mt. Pleasant, Midland, St. Johns, or the Lansing area, then this will be available for you. We’ll be delivering to the greater Alma area on Mondays, Mt. Pleasant area on Tuesdays, Lansing area on Wednesdays, and Midland area on Thursdays. The cost of delivery will depend on how many miles out of the way you live/work, so if you are interested, email me with the delivery address, and I’ll be able to figure out a price for you. Also, the more people you have picking up shares at that delivery site, the cheaper the delivery price is! For the shares themselves, you will have the choice of three pre-packed shares. In the newsletter each week, we’ll let you know what the options are, and you can email me by the day before your drop-off to let me know what your choice is. If you are interested in this option, just give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll quote you a price.