Monroe Family Organics CSA

Please join us for the 2018 growing season as member of the Monroe Family Organics CSA!  As a member of our CSA, you will recieve 7-14 different vegetables every week,which we grow at our farm in Alma.  The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) concept is an arrangement where families sign up to have a share of the farm, and receive a box containing a variety of fresh vegetables each week.  Full shares will be around a bushel per week, and half shares will also be available.  Our shares will start in June and will continue on for 20 weeks until October.  Members can choose to either have their weekly shares premade (good if you are on a tight schedule) or bag the share up for themselves in a small market stand setting where they can interact with us each week.  We have drop-off locations in Alma, Mt. Pleasant, Lansing, Okemos, and Midland, and we also offer home/workplace delivery!

Benefits and Cost

The cost for the 2018 season will be $550 for a full share or $300 for a half share at all of our drop-off locations.  For this amount you will receive fresh organic vegetables every week, grown right here in Alma, MI, along with the following benefits:

  • Knowing the people who grow your food
  • Supporting the local economy
  • Getting vegetables at their freshest
  • Eating food without chemicals
  • Eating seasonally
  • Recipes and ideas for using your vegetables
  • A weekly newsletter with farm news, what to expect in your share, and interested articles
  • Supporting environmentally friendly farming
  • A  discount to buying the items separately from a health food store or farmers’ market



Contact Information

If you want to become a member or have other questions or suggestions, please contact us at (517) 896-6884 or email at mforganics@yahoo.com.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I receive my weekly share?

A:  Members will pick their share up at a convient drop-off location either in Mt. Pleasant, Midland, Lansing, Okemos, or Alma (whichever you prefer) on a particular day every week.   The Alma drop-off takes place each Monday at His Place, Mt. Pleasant will have a drop-off on Tuesdays at Herbs Etc, the Lansing drop-off will be on Wednesdays at the Soup Spoon Café, Okemos will have a drop-off Wednesdays at Mert’s Meats, and Midland will be on Thursdays at the Eagle Ridge Church of God.  All drop-offs will take place from 5-6PM on the given day, except for the Lansing/Okemos drop-offs, which will have prepacked shares that can be picked up anytime from 4PM on Wednesday.

Q: What would an example of a week’s share look like?

A: The specific vegetables in a box will depend on what part of the season it is, but as an example we will take the first week of August.  A half share might contain 5 tomatoes, 2 summer squash, one bunch of beets, one bunch of basil, a bag of salad mix, a couple of onions, 2 sweet peppers, one bunch of swiss chard, and a bag of potatoes.  This is merely an example, but we try to go with veggies everyone uses normally, and then add a small amount of something more unique, along with tips on how to use it.  If you pick up your share at one of our regular CSA drop-offs, you will have a lot of choice as to what goes into your share, so you can be sure to get veggies you love and can use.


Q: When is the due date for payment on my membership?

A: A payment of at least half of your share price will be due shortly after you sign up in order to reserve your membership in the CSA.   At that point, you can either pay the whole cost of your share, or you can pay the first half then and the second half by July 1.  It is better for the farm to have the whole share price earlier in the season, when most of our expenses are incurred, but if it works better for you to split your payment into two parts, that is absolutely fine.

Q: What if I am on vacation or cannot come for some reason to the pick-up?

A: You can either find someone to pick up their share for you, or you can let us know at least one day in advance of your missed pickup so that we can make alternate arrangements for your share.  Some options are to postpone your share for that week and get a double share when you get back, or to pick up that week at one of our other drop-off locations.

Q: How does the home delivery option work?

A: Home or workplace delivery will be available for those who live or work near our regular routes, so if you live near Alma, Mt. Pleasant, Midland, St. Johns, or the Lansing area, then this will be available for you.  We’ll be delivering to the greater Alma area on Mondays, Mt. Pleasant area on Tuesdays, Lansing area on Wednesdays, and Midland area on Thursdays.  The cost of delivery will depend on how many miles out of the way you live/work, so if you are interested, email me with the delivery address, and I’ll be able to figure out a price for you.  Also, the more people you have picking up shares at that delivery site, the cheaper the delivery price is!   For the shares themselves, you will have the choice of two pre-packed shares.  In the newsletter each week, we’ll let you know what the options are, and you can email me by the day before your drop-off to let me know what your choice is.  If you are interested in this option, just give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll quote you a price.