Here are some pictures from the farm. Enjoy!

 Along with our fruits and veggies, we also have the occasional bouquet of sunflowers in the CSA shares.


 Here's Fred doing some harvesting!

Jane, Jessamine, and Michele harvesting the very last strawberries of the season.

Fred in his natural habitat... among the tomato vines in the coldframe!

Carrots!  Yum!

These are just some of the heirloom and specialty tomatoes we grow, and they're some of the prettiest, most flavorful tomatoes you'll ever eat!

Here we are!  Michele, Fred, Timothy, Jessamine, and Jane are
the farm family who grow all the great food.

Our strawberries are one of our favorite parts of the CSA every year!

At our Alma, Mt. Pleasant, and Midland drop-offs, we set up tables with all the veggie options so that CSA members can pick their favorite stuff!

Green bell peppers on the vine.

These are some our our lettuce transplants.  We start the seeds in the greenhouse very early in the spring, and then plant them in the field as soon as the weather is warm enough for the little lettuces to thrive outdoors.

Michele planting a whole bunch of onions in the field.