Here are some pictures from the farm. Enjoy!


The pigs are happy because they have just arrived on their pasture for the spring.

This white stem choi is from our early spring planting.

This kale was planted in early spring, and we were able to harvest greens from this plant from June until December!

The vines were loaded with our very popular cherry tomatoes.

Jessamine helps harvest some cherry tomatoes.

The chickens love pecking around in their pasture!

Fred, Michele, Jessamine, and Baby Tim at the farm.

Fred displays some of our beautiful tricolor baby carrots.
We use our coldframes to start earlier in the year and have crops later in the season than we otherwise could.  This picture of our tomatoes is from mid-June, and by the end of the season in October many of the vines were 12 feet long.
The basil (left) and tomatoes (right) both loved being in the coldframe.